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Wolfdog (wd) is a general name for the different types of Wolfdogs.

They all have their own 'user manual'. We therefore name them per breed.
However, we can provide a common description of them below. 


                          The positive sides!

1. Beautiful exterior that is reminiscent of the wolf.

2. A loyal comrade and sweet (can be a bit clumsy) for children.

3. A teddy bear for your own family.

4. Fair to very tolerant towards other packmembers or pets, when they

     are well socialized from a young age.

5. They love to take long walks in nature but can also have a lazy day.

6. Are very playful to a high age and have funny attitudes.

                                                          7. overall th wd has few health problems if your wd comes from a "good"

                                                               breeder. See breeding and hereditary defaults.


Reasons enough to think again if all the advantages outweigh the lesser sides of the Wolfdog!

1. WD's are often late housebroken (1.5 years is no exception and some remain difficult to train).

2. Several females in the same pack often give considerable fights at a later age (>1), which often

     does not resolve like males do. Many females live separated or are relocated for this reason.

3. Demolition is a real Wolfdog hobby. Therefore long walks and mind games are essential but also

     keep in mind that that's what they need.

     Give them something to demolish. (cuddly toys, tree trunks, branches, towel, boxes, etc.)

4. Although they certainly can and want to learn, the Wolfdog decides for himself  if he will be 'better 

    off' and see the usefulness of it. Don't expect an obedient dog!!

5. You have to appreciate there shyness, still natural/primal character, that many Wolfdogs have.

6. Many Wolfdogs are motion (car) sick in their first year. Vomiting, drooling and even diarrhea is

    common. (socialize well, adjust your driving style and be patient)

7. Wolfdogs often have an obsession with food and don't want you or another dog around. Even in a 

     submissive position they will make it known by growling and showing teeth. 

    So in a low position, punishment is really out of the question. Please don't be stubborn!!

     (look at wolf puppies and adults) They have the right to defend what is theirs.

     Build trust and learn to trait for something better.

8. At the age between 1 and 3 years old there behavior can change considerably towards other dogs 

     and same sex aggression can occur. Many Wolfdogs are rehomed between 1 and 3 years of age .

     Puberty with Wolfdogs starts at a later age than average dogs and lasts longer.

9. Wolfdogs shed all year long with 2 real moulting periods. Some go to the groomer.

11. To stay home alone is not something that a Wolfdog easily accepts. Good socialisation in the   

      beginning gives no guarantees and a crate, kennel or inclosiour is not always the solution.

      They can harm themselves and are escape artists.

12. Like i said, they are escape artists!!

       The enclosure must contain a high fence (2m.) that hels 45° inwards so that they can't climb over

        it. Don't place anything near the fence for them to climb on and over the enclosure.

        Also make sure that they can't dig there way out.


not shocked yet?


You may be a potential Wolfdog owner.
Please learn more about the different types.