The Indian Dog (ID) finds his origen in America.

This breeder had a vision for the Indian Dog and used Kelpie and coyote in the foundation of his dogs.

As far as we know he is still the only breeder in America that breeds the ID.

In average the Indian Dogs in Europe are far from the original ID in America in appearence.

Both types are athletic Dogs with a cat like way of moving and climbing.

They are agil, great hunters for small animals and pretty vocal. From barking to howling and the typical coyote song.

Therefore they are also known as songdogs. 

A friendly family dog that loves to be with you like most of the wolfdogs but have more drive to explore the world outside on their own like the husky.

Most ID's can get along with other dogs and are friendly to humans.

The are independent like the husky and many are used as sled dogs, trainable like the shepherd but with a middle finger at times like wolfdogs.

The Indian Dog is a lively breed and can be found in all collars.

Most are social toward other dogs and very affectioned towards their familymembers.

Indepentent, curious and most hunt on sight.

Most do great in sled sport and bike joring where the Alaskan husky is bred for.


Warning for the Indian Dogs in Europe!

In the Netherlands and Germany two breeders decided to breed these dogs too and since 2013 Wolfdog SOS got acquainted with them for behavior advise, guidance and rehoming.


The backyard breeders Jutta Hansel of Warpaintkennel and Wendy Schrievers of Old Hawk kennel (aka Billy-Jean van Dijk from the Songdog kennel) started the American Indian Dog Foundation (AIDF) in 2016 and because of the mess they made they broke up not a year later.

Still coninued selling:

- sick pups

- smuggled them abroad to young and exchange the pups at parking lots 

- a high COI (coefficient of inbreeding) and false content (this is proven by DNA testing)

- lie about who the parens are and use siblings to mate

- incest litters (brother and sister combination)

- no socialization and poor conditions

- sell under different names like German Indian Dog, American Indian Dog, Indian Dog, Native Amarican Indian Dog, Alaskan Indian Dog.

Most dogs are Alaskan husky's mixed with, German shepherd, Siberian husky, wolfdog and an occasional other breed.


These breeders promissed owners to send the registration of origin after purchase but most never recieved it and those who did still question if the information is correct.

Please be warned and only buy from responsible breeders.

Wolfdog sos can help you to find resposibly bred dogs.