The American Wolfdog finds his origen in America where the wolves are bigger and are therefore larger than other wd breeds that find there origen in the European grey wolf.

The European grey wolf is smaller and more suspicious depending on the area they live in.
The American Timberwolf can be twice as big and is a lot bolder.


The AWD can and will! demolish and rebuild your interior well, they have a great endurance but at the same time they can also be very lazy.

The higher the content (wolf part) the more wolf traits they have.
- Low content <50%

    - mid content 50- 85%

- high content >85%

The AWD's are often kept in an enclosure outside with a night loft or kept as a domestic dog and the owners deals with there issues. Think of demolishing, chewing on things, making their own den in your couch, not housebroken, etc.

The command ' (come) here' and 'drop (it)'must be learned early because they hunt and investigate the area if they feel comfortable enough and often steel food and almost anything they find interesting. 

As a result, many do not walk off leash while taking a walk or only in fenced areas and leave nothing wandering around the house that can cause harm to their AWD. 

They are escape artists!! Climbing, digging and they learn very quickly. Score once and will keep trying.

Ratifying good behavior works better than correcting or ignoring unwanted behavior.

Physical corrections will often be answered with a growl and / or a bite.


Treat every Wolfdog with respect for its natural character and do not force anything.

The use of a crate or kennel can exhibit the same behavior as a Wolf in a cage.

You can make the crate stronger but he/she still feels the same  so instead of making the crate stronger you can see that this is simply not the right way for your AWD.

Please listen to what they tell you and provide in there needs.


To give a character description of the American Wolfdog (AWD) is difficult because there is a lot of false information and paperworks with these Wolfdogs. However, the American Wolfdogs, as they are intended, are reserved towards strangers but curious by selective breeding and the nature of the wolf but they are  bolder to there own family. 
Bolder means biting in arms, hands, legs, jump on you and provoke you for action. With good mutual understanding it's a funny part of their character. If you don't have this mutual respect and understanding than it's far from funny and for this reason i've done house calls or rehomed them.


The reason why there is no clear character and exterior description is because there is a group of real enthusiasts of the AWD who passionately own and breed them with care.

They proudly tell you all about their dogs, the parents, the underlying lines and often use a selection process for the new owner of their puppies.

Most breeders do health tests. However to a much lesser extent than other wd breeds because there are no regulations for testing on hereditary defects or inbreeding.

But to be honest, the AWD is quite a healthy breed and most are not that easy to take to the vet.


Unfortunately, there is also a group of people who 'breed irresponsible'. Husky's, Malamutes, Wolves, Shepherds and a variety of Wolfdogs are used without looking at the combinations, character or health but sell them with pretty stories and vals information about there wolf content.

Because there is a lot of wolfpart in an AWD and a wolf is not a pet, most people just can't offer an American Wolfdogs what they need if you keep it in solitude, or as an average dog.

The devoted owners have a big yard, good enclosure, can foresee in their needs and will do what ever they can for their AWD's.

Than there's also a well represented group that breeds and keeps them irresponsible.

So be well informed before you purchase your puppy.


Many names are given by (backyard)breeders for the AWD like:

-High, Mid, Low content Wolfdog.

- ...% Wolfdog

- Wolfdog, while it is a shepherd - husky mix.

- Wolf hybrid (which is an incorrect name because the dog and wolf are the same species.

Ask for DNA results like Embark. Embark shows health, breeds that are represented in the Wolfdog and the wolf content like this example.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Do you suspect that it is a real Wolf?

Do not buy this pup or adult but please alarm us, a wolf center or animal police!!!

For more information about the American Wolfdogs and cross breeds there is a fb group