Wolfdog SOS can help you with all sorts of questions about Wolfdogs.

We makes house calls in the Netherlands, Belgium and (west) Germany when needed for training, to help with behaviour issues and to observe the Wolfdog in a shelter or when there's an urgent call for help.

In most cases we prefer to see the Wolfdog(s) and their owner(s) in their situation but the distance can make it impossible.

Questions that don't require a house call or from other parts of the world can ask for us for a video consultation, can send us an email or give us a telephone call.


Wolfdog SOS  hopes to expand this list of Wolfdog Behaviourists from all over the world so you can contact them when you have questions.

If you know a Wolfdog Behaviourist that is not on the list,please let us know.   




  Wolfdog Behavior & Management

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