How do you find a respectable breeder?

Unfortunately no study or knowlege  is needed to become a breeder.

In some countries breeders are subjected to a few (kennelclub) rules. 

A respectable breeder:

- Provides you access to the test results of the parent and does not breed with a male and female who  both sufferers of a hereditary defects.

- Will provide the information about, health, wolf content and F-gene. Wolfdogs under F5 are considered illegal in most countries in Europe.

- Most breeders provide this proof by DNA testresults and some  even DNA test the puppies or offer this as an option. 

- Selects the pup (possibly after a puppy test) on the character that suits your situation best.

- Maintains a puppy waiting list and breeds only after sufficient request.

- Does not have to advertise on sales sites to attract random puppy buyers to sell their pups.

- Has no more than approx. 5 dogs to provide the sufficient attention and care they need.

- Is usually affiliated with a national kennel club or applies similar breeding rules
to prevent exploitation of the bitch.

- Doesn't use a male too often to prevent a small gene pool in the breed.

- Wants to know everyting about you, is happy to answer all your questions and will tell you the disadvantages or points of attention of the (mixed)breed.

- Is open for visitation even when there aren't any pups.

- The dogs are well taken care of, the mother is present and usually asks you to sign a contract.

- Pays attention to good socialization.

- Does EVERYTHING that is required to produce healthy puppies with good charaters.


Avoid breeders if:

- The mother is not present.

- The parents have not been tested for the hereditary defects that occure in the breed.

- The puppies may not be visited at the breeder's home.

- The pup is not fully vaccinated and doesn't have the legal age to leave the mother or cross the border. Read the rules about importing puppies.

- There is pressure from the breeder to buy the pup or if the transfer takes place on a parking lot, sometimes after just one email or phone call.

- The breeder can not give you the precise date of birth of the puppy.

Listen to your gut feeling!!


Unfortunately no course or study is needed to by a pup.

How do you as a respectable breeder find the suitible owners for your pups?

The suitalble new owner:

- Has the (basic) knowledge of the breed from real life experience and not just from what the internet provides on information.
Have they seen these dogs on (organized)  walks, did they visit owners or kennelclub days?

- Will be able to appreciate the natural character and not expect an obediant dog.

- Can tell you what is expected of the dog and what he can provide for their wellbeing.

- Is involved during the first 8 or 15 weeks.

- Will ask you about test results, wants to see the parent and can't wait to visit the pups.

- Will tell you about his/her lifestile and answers all your questions.


Unfortunately, a lot of purebred dogs suffer from hereditary diseases or defects.
Every breed has its own hereditary disorders
Make sure the parents have been tested for this before you purchase a puppy.

A respectable breeder will not breed with hereditary disease sufferers and will not breed with a carrier x carrier combination.