The Tamaskan finds its origin in Scandinavia and was created from the Utonagan, German Shepherd, Some Wolfdogs and Prima type dogs.
The Wolfdog with low to zero wolf and an allround sportdog with a wolfie like appearance was the idea behind this new Wolfdogbreed.  

The shyness and distrust that characterise the  Saarloos and the sharpness and watchful that the Czech characterise was is not wanted in the Tamaskan.

Most Tamaskans are on the right track by selective breeding. Many breeders and kennel clubs have a high standard when it comes to health tests, character of the combination of the parents and use outcross a lot for the Tamaskan has a small genepool.

Because of the outcross (another breed added to a Tamaskan parent) there behaviour and appearance can be different then the breeddescription you'll find on the internet when you do your research. The Tamaskan does not have the luxury to eliminate coat collar, some exterior and characteristics. Behaviour and health is the most important to get to there goal.


The Tamaskan is family dog with lesse wolf content than the other Wolfdog breeds with exception of the Indian Dog.  Unfortunately since 2019 some breeders add more wolfcontent to the Tamaskan and that causes more behavioral problems.

Wolfdog SOS therefore  got more request with there behavior because they had more character traits from the American Wolfdog like less trainable, couldn't stay home alone, ot accepting the crate, demolition and bolt toward the owners.

The Dutch kennel club (NTC) and the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) are both aking rules about the maximum of wolf content in the Tamaskan which is a good development.   


At the end of 2013 i got involved with this breed and in januari 2014 i was asked as chairman of the Dutch kennel club. For two years it has been an honor to be chairman and i still support this club.

There is also the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) and the International Tamaskan Register (ITR)  if you want more information about the Tamaskan.

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