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Wolfdog SOS is a notarial registered foundation located in the Netherlands. 

With a small team we are committed to help all Wolfdogs, related breeds and crossbreeds.
National and international.


All proceeds that Wolfdog SOS received through donations, behavior management, lectures, tests and workshops mainly benefit the Wolfdogs.

Think about:

* Behavior management so that owner and Wolfdog become a team again.

* Find a foster family within our network in case of emergency.

* Bring Wolfdogs in need (rescues) to there new owner or foster.

*Behavioral consultant after a Wolfdog founds a new home.

* Provide information about  all Wolfdogs.

* Rescue Wolfdogs from bad conditions.

* Performing puppy- and charactertests.

* Behavior observation in a shelter.


My name is Vera,

Cynologist with a specialization in Wolfdogs  and Primordial types.

Owner of Wolfdog SoS and initiator of

the American Wolfdog Society.

                Within Wolfdog SOS I am mainly responsible for:

- Behavioral management

-Puppy- and Character Tests

- Lectures / workshops and the website.