The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Czech), is an FCI 1 breed, and finds its origin in the European (Carpathian) Wolf and the German Shepherd.

He is a temperamental, energetic and lively dog ​​with a great sprint and fast reaction.

Very brave and watchful.

For the family often a large cuddle fest, but outside somewhat suspicious and not afraid to bite.

A wonderful dog to actively participate in any kind of sport.

The downside of a Czech is mostly there intolerance with other dogs and females often fight with each other. Same sex aggression is very common.

The Czech is also a dog that can take over your household if you let it happen.

A uge number of owners or family members are scared, or at least very impressed,  with there dogs behaviour when he/she becomes an adult.

Don't underestimate this please.
We have rehomed to many Czech's for these reasons already and some have been euthanized or owners have threatened us with it to make there mistake our problem/responsibility.

Most are rehomed between 1 and and 3 years old because the owners often misunderstand there character and think about it to easily.

Some breeders also give there pups away to easily to new owners. 

So do your homework well before you take a Czech in. See and talk to owners, go on walks with them and see breeders before there is a litter of puppies to get to know the adults.

Otherwise you are simply no longer objective when you see these sweet puppies.

This of course applies to every dog!



A wonderful breed, if you appreciate the true nature of the Czech.

This is Yuma's pretty smile




For more information about the Czech please check your country's kennelclub or click here for the Dutch kennelclub