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The Indian Dog (ID) finds his origen in America. A breeder decided to crossbreed and used coyote for his vision of the American Indian Dog. As far as we know he is still the only breeder in America that breeds the AID.

In average the Indian Dog in Europe is an athletic Dog with a cat like way of moving an climbing. They are agil, great hunters for small animals and pretty vocal. From barking to howling and the typical coyote song. Therefore they are also known as songdogs. 

A friendly family dog that loves to be with you like most of the Wolfdogs but have more drive to explore the world outside like the Husky's 

Most ID's can get along with other dogs and are friendly to humans. The are independent like the Husky and are used as sled dogs, trainable like Shepherd but with a middle finger at the time like the Wolfdogs.

In the Netherlands and Germany two breeders decided to breed these dogs to and since 2013

Wolfdog SOS got acquainted with these dogs for behavior advise and guidance.

These backyard breeders Jutta Hansel ans Wendy Schrievers) started the American Indian Dog Foundation (AIDF) in 2016 and because of the mess they made they broke up not a year later.

These two breeders than started the Indian Dog Europe (IDE) with some of their suppoters and the board member that stayed changed the name into Indian Dog Foundation (IDF) and formed a new board to clean up the mess Jutta and Wendy aka Billy Jean made.

Many ID bred by Jutta Hansel and co and the IDE are sick, poorly socialized, owners being given false information about the parent and the breeder in Germany keeps there dogs in bad conditions.

Higher content Wolfdogs are used by the breeder in Germany and that wolfcontent became higher since 2018  wich gave more behavior issues and some are even being put down under the age of 2 years. That saddens us greatly. 

In most European countries it's illegat to keep Wolfdogs between F1 and F4.
With Jutta you risk that your pup is seized and put down!!

She's not the only one in the Indian Dog / Wolfdog community so please ask us for if you want to buy your pup from a responsible breeder.

Be warned and only buy from (more) responsible breeders.


If you want more (honest) information about the Indian Dog click on the IDF logo.